LVX is the Latin word for light, the true instrument of our craft

LVX Badalamenti Cinema Optics, focuses on solving the creative and technical necessities of modern day cinematography.

We provide you with a variety of tunable characteristics, such as flaring, character and acutance – border contrast control.

With LVX you can modify your set to meet the needs of your style of shooting, taking it on a full vintage direction, or on a balanced mid point that is optimized for most shooting conditions.

LVX is a mix of Italian design and Latin American manufacturing. Our lenses are rehoused in an elegant 7075 Aircraft aluminum – to provide you with the best looks and mechanics, without additional weight.

We are proud of what we do, and what we deliver. But the most valuable resource we have is our team. These lenses are handcrafted with genuine passion, precision, dedication and love.

LVX is the Latin word for light, the true instrument of our craft. We wholeheartedly wish that this tool let’s you shape it, reflect it and share it in more beautiful and evolved ways.

Peppe Badalamenti


• De-tuned Tokina Vista as optical base.

• Italian design – Latin American manufacturing.

7075 Aircraft aluminum rehousing. No additional weight with an elegant Industrial finishing.

• AURORA air-gap de-tuning stock options V1 & V2


V1 offers a moderate vintage character- it shines in the rendering of skin-tones which are softer and smoother. In terms of creative focus, it delivers a moodier and intimate focus that doesn’t take you on a full vintage swirl, but definitely gives you a vibe to play with, mild blooming -Christmas ball effect- is also present.

V1 key features : Less contrast, mild acutance reduction- smooth skin tones, soft blooming, pleasing fall off and discreet swirling of bokeh.


The V2 formula stands apart from all prior Tokina de-tunings made by other companies and by Tokina itself. V2 offers a prominent vintage character, holding sharpness and resolution. This is currently the most vintage character we have seen out of a Tokina Vista.

The narrow depth of field, bokeh swirl and the heavier fall off in the V2 enhance mood and emotions in the image. This opens up a wide gamma of storytelling resources that you can dial down by simply closing the T stop. When you get to an aperture of 2.8 you enter the realm of clean optics again. Stronger Christmas ball effect in blooming is present, and can also be controlled through stopping down. This is the equivalent of having a Swiss-knife in a lens. The V2 in numerical comparison has about 30% more vintage character than our V1.


V2 key features : Lower contrast, acutance reduction rendering even smoother skin tones, enhanced fall off, wider gamma of colors in flaring, film-like blooming and increased bokeh swirling.

(Additional character specs on demand, Special order).


•LVX AURORA Signature flaring

Stock options SF / Standard Flare & FF / Full Flare.

SF / Standard Flare

Is a coating that delivers a more controlled and detailed flare. Still soft and aesthetically pleasing to work with.

FF / Full Flare.

Is a coating that renders a wide, rounded soft flare. Perfect match for the heavier vintage look.

(Custom flares on demand, Special order).

•No perceivable chromatic aberration at T 1.5.

•Covers Full-Frame Sensor Size

• 46.7mm Image Circle

• Suitable for 8K Image Capture

• Near Zero Lens Breathing, Internal Focus

• 300° Focus Barrel Rotation

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